Looking back at 25 years of experience and bundled knowhow in our sector we have participated and catered to some of the most challenging hospitality projects in the region. The hospitality industry and its guest have become more and more demanding. Our vision is not to simply supply and offer you our products – our experience allows us to consult and support our clients in creating an F&B experience that will leave their guest stunned.

We are backed up by premium brands from all around the world which are able to fulfil the challenging needs of the hospitality sector. Our long-term relationship to these manufacturers is the backbone of our success.

We want to offer a one-stop shop solution to our clients for their tableware, buffet and housekeeping requirements. Our product portfolio consists out of famous brands like Luzerne offering highly durable and stunning chinaware, as well as worldclass manufacturers like Serax, Costa Nova, Riedel, Frilich, Meissen, Robbe & Berking, WNK, Vicrila, Hollowick, Slots, Emberton, Mercura, Carlisle and Zumex.